Yin Yoga Teacher Training, level II: Assisted Yin and beyond

30 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training to supplement your previuos training.

This course is for those who have taken at least a foundational course on Yin Yoga and have an understanding of the functional approach toward Yin Yoga as taught by Joe Barnett’s teacher Paul Grilley.

Yin Yoga TT, level II, offers the Yin teacher methods to empower her dialogue and sharpen her focus through a series of posture analysis techniques including Assisted Yin, a One-on-One treatment. The budding Yin Therapist will learn to manually guide and hold her client's passive body into the appropriate Target Area. At the same time she will learn to skillfully use functional Yoga posture, pranayama and propping techniques to minimize her own muscular efforts and potentially receive therapeutic effects as well.

While Assisted Yin has an explicit therapeutic component, the group class Yin Teacher will find great value in the deepening of functional and comparative anatomy leading naturally to posture analysis. The 7 Archetypal Yin Yoga Postures will be dissected thoroughly but with a more tactile approach. The hands-on experience leads to greater sensitivity to one's own poses and more importantly a more logical and practical dialogue with students.

This Next Level study also aims deeper than the crude tissues of the Target Area. The Yin practice releases blocked Chi which has the potential to awaken the spiritual centers of our being, the Chakras.

You will also be introduced to a model of Chakra Meditation specifically integrated into the practice of Yin Yoga.

The Training is in English

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About the teacher

Joe Barnett, ERYT-500, based loosely in both Cincinnati, OH and Tucson, AZ, has been teaching for 14 years. He travels nationally and internationally year round offering presentations and trainings on Yin and Yang (Vinyasa) forms of Yoga. 2018 will be Joes 4 th visit to Yoga Collective, Aarhus, and 3rd time he leads a Yin Yoga Training here.

He provides a deep study (both experiential and anatomical) of the crude physical Skeleton and Fascia, as well as the more subtle Meridians and Chakras. Joe is a senior student and primary teaching assistant of Paul Grilley, a true Yoga Scientist and founder of Yin Yoga. After several years of apprenticing under Paul, Joe began roaming the globe to spread the word of his teacher’s work: 1) Yin Yoga, 2) a Functional Analysis of the Skeleton, and 3) Chakra Meditation. Naturally he began training yoga teachers across the world how to begin using these practical models to help others find a quiet practice of surrender.

“Joe Barnett has been our friend and assistant for many years. He has two qualities that make him an excellent presenter: he knows the anatomical principles and he relates to people in a sympathetic manner. His presentations are unhurried, hands on demonstrations, this is the easiest way to absorb these ideas.” ~ Paul and Suzee Grilley

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Dates and Booking

This training is fully booked

The training is from 18th of January - 21th of January
All days from 9.30-17.00

Price: 4800 dkk + bookingfee

In order to get the certificate you must be present for all days of the training. It is not possible to book separate days.

Yin Yoga TT, level II: Assisted Yin and beyond will be held at Yoga Collective, Jægergårdsgade 14, 2.sal, 8000 Aarhus.

All booking is through Greenticket. You have secured your place in the training when you have payed the full amount via Geenticket. There will be offered no refunds if you are not able to participate however you can sell you place to someone else. If there is a waiting list Yoga Collective will connect you to the person first in line. If Yoga Collective or Joe Barnett has to cancel the training there will be a refund of the training fee. Any addtional fees payed (e.g. booking fee) will not be refunded as those goes directly to Greenticket - any questions about booking fee, log in or similar must be directed to Geenticket).

Any questions about the training and venue can be directed to info@yogacollective.dk