Meditation, Satsang og Yoga med Govind i Yoga Collective i Aarhus

Yoga, meditation and Satsang
- with the Indian Yoga master Govind Radhakrishnan

If you like to try guided yoga and meditation sessions by an Indian yoga master who follows the ancient paths of yoga teaching - Yoga, Meditation and Satsang will be a perfect place to start. When Govind teaches it is with the focus on passing on the tools for inner peace and to give direction for the students to feel the connection to their own inner layers of deeper awareness. This class is open to all and the physical yoga will be deep and with an inward focus rather than pulsating and an external focus.

The two-hour program starts with a 40 minutes guided asanas (physical yoga positions) session followed by a session with a deep guided relaxation and simple pranayama exercises (breathing techniques). When the mind and body is relaxed Govind guide a silent group meditation and after the meditation Govind will guide, answer questions and give spiritual inspiration in the following satsang (spiritual talk If you are interested in going for a yoga retreat in India with Govind – this is the perfect way to get a “touch of” Santhi Yoga and to learn more about how Govind can help you further in your yoga and meditation practice and on your spiritual path.

Govind Radhakrishnan and Santhi Yoga

Govind Radhakrishnan is an Indian yoga master who has taught spiritual yoga and meditation in India and Europe since his spiritual awakening as a teenager. He is known for his compassionate way of sharing spiritual knowledge from the ancient Indian path of yoga. In 2007 he started Santhi Yoga in Denmark with his Danish life partner and since 2009 they have been conducting spiritual retreats in Europe and India. A focus in Govind and Santhi Yoga’s teaching is the individual approach based on the fact that each person is unique and therefore spiritual guidance must be based on individual approach.

09.10.2016 11.00-13.00
13.11.2016 11.00-13.00

350 dkk + fee pr. session

600 dkk + fee for 2 sessions


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Ayurveda individuelle sessioner med Govind hos yoga collective

Individual Sessions - Guidance for your personal needs and motivation

In the one-to-one sessions you get personal advice in how to harmonise your life in times of chaos, illness, when the daily challenges overwhelm you or when you for other reasons need Govind's helping hand.

Individual guidance is also essential in order to get the deeper benefits of yoga and meditation. To go beyond the bodily feeling and reach to the states where yoga interacts on the subtle levels and affects mind and life awareness.

In the session Govind will talk with you and learn about your body-mind constitution, your temperament and personality and your current life situation (stress level, diet and general life habits). Since yoga works on multiple layers and has the capacity of reaching to the “center of your being” there are no limitations for which specific issue you may seek help for.

Likewise there are not two individual classes that are the same. Some sessions will be mainly physical based and others talk-based. However, most often it’s a mix of both yoga exercises and life advices/guidance. Expect to be heard, seen, met and receive guidance and to use in your specific life. If you have a specific history of illness or injury we ask you to inform us in advance in order to schedule the timings accordingly.

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