Can I join the class even though I don't speak Danish?

The answer is YES. We will either teach in English or switch between English and Danish to make sure everybody understand. If you don't speak Danish, just let the teacher know before the class.

About Yoga Collective

Yoga Collective is a yoga studio placed in Aarhus. We offer small classes with a maximum of 18 students per class.

You can choose between Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga ( Blid Yoga in Danish), Hatha Flow and Vinyasa. We always strive to have a varied schedule, giving space to both the yin and yang of movements.

The Danish teachers will teach in English on request, just let us know before the class begins.
(or at least mix English and Danish).

Where to find us and how to get in touch

Our address is

Jægergårdsgade 14, 2nd floor, 8000 Aarhus C.

The studio is only open 20 min. before and after classes.

We are right next the supermarked Super Brugsen.

The front door is locked at all times. Just ring the bell. We will be ready to let you in about 20 min. before class.

Make sure to arrive no later than 5 minutes before the class. We strive to let the class begin on time. You might not be let in if you ring the door bell 2 minutes before class.


Go here for contact information
We strive to answer the phone Monday-Friday between 12.30 and 15.30
If you do not get a hold of us you are welcome to text or email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
To attend classes you need to a profile. You can make one by clicking 'LOGIN'
Drop in class 120 kr. / Student price 100 kr.

Intro offer
For your first purchase we offer you 3 classes with a discount.

3 classes 250 kr.

Class Bundles (klippekort)
5 classes: 490 kr - Student price 445,50

10 classes: 900 kr - Student price 810,00

15 classes : 1275 kr - Student price 1147,50


Terms and prices for memberships with Autopay:
Setup Fee: 0 DKK.
Notice of Cancellation: Current month + 30 days.
Membership On Hold: Up to 4 times a year you can set your membership on hold free of charge. The hold period can be from 7 days to 1 month.

Full Monthly Membership (Fuldt månedsmedlemskab): 445 DKK
Full Monthly Membership w/ 10 % discount* (Fuldt månedsmedlemskab med 10% rabat): 400 DKK

AM membership (Formiddagsmedlemskab): 295 kr (there is no discount on this membership)

*If you are a full time student, a retiree, on unemployment benefit or similar you can get a 10 % discount.

Please note that 'late cancels' and 'no shows' will result in a fee of 25 dkk/40 dkk. Always remember to cancel classes no later than 3 hour before start.

Unlimited Yoga (No notice period/no auto renew)

Unlimited Yoga for 7 days: 250 kr (no discount on this)

Unlimited for 30 days (Fri yoga i 30 dage): 550 DKK
Unlimited for 30 days w. 10% discount (Fri yoga i 30 dage med 10% rabat)*: 495 DKK

Unlimited AM yoga for 30 days (Fri formiddagsyoga i 30 dage): 350 DKK (no discount on this)

*If you are a full time student, a retiree, on unemployment benefit or similar you can get a 10 % discount.

Terms of Conditions

Yoga Classes, unlimited yoga passes and memberships are non-refundable.

Class Bundles, Drop in classes, Unlimited yoga passes and Memberships are personal and can not be shared.

You attend classes and workshops on your own responsibility, and Yoga Collective can not be held liable for any injuries.

When attending yoga classes, yoga workshops or trainings you accept that Yoga Collective has the right to take pictures and use those for both printed and online promotion.

When you shop at Yoga Collective Studio(hard goods and clothes) you can exchange your unused purchase within two weeks. Hang tags and wrapping must be intact. Purchases are not refundable.

What if I can't attend a class I booked

If you can't attend a class that you have booked you need to cancel your reservation. You can do that free of charge until 3 hours before the class. If you cancel within the 3 hour window you loose the 'klip' you booked the class with. If you have a membership/unlimited yoga there is a fee of 25 dkk (40 dkk for 'no show'). Once a month we deduct the fees from the creditcard you have provided for your membership.

We ask that you cancel your reservation even if it is within the 3 hour window. It will give spaces to others who are as keen on yoga as you are.

You cancel by logging in to your account, go to 'min profil' and you will see a list of your bookings - you can cancel the reservation you need to cancel.

What do I need to bring?

The short answer is: Your self and clothes you can move in.

We have yoga mats and props you can use free of charge.
We also have an area where you can change your clothes, but we do not have showers.

We have small lockers where you can put bag until the class is done. You need to bring your own padlock.

If you do bring your own yogamat and want to store it at Yoga Collective you can do that as long as there is space. You will have to tie something around it and add a name tag with your full name.

If you are taking a break from your yoga practice please bring your mat home.

Please note that it is not possible to leave during a yoga class. We would have to stop the yoga class to unlock the door to the reception.

Get the App

There is an iPhone App for booking classes at Yoga Collective. It called Yoga Collective Danmark.

The Android app will be released as soon as possible. Until then you can access the booking system from our website with your phone.

Parking near Yoga Collective

We recommend the payed parking at Brunns Galleri.
If you rather want to find free parking try Ingerlevs Boulevard. It is usually possible to find a spot there. If you are trying the street just around Yoga Collective, remember to read the signs!

Don't use the parking lot behind Super Brugsen as they only allow for 1 hour parking

Can I have a membership and class-bundles at the same time?

The short answer is yes. You can have both. When you book you will be asked to choose what bundle or membership you want to use.

Yin Yoga

It is the only style in Yoga Collective which is passive. You stay in the yoga asanas between 3 and 8 minutes. When you leave a yin yoga class you will experience having worked through the body's muscles and connective tissues quietly and deeply.

Yin Yoga can increase your agility and helps to release tensions that we otherwise won't get in touch with in the more physically challenging yoga classes.
Over time, most people will feel more freedom of movement in the body.
Yin yoga can also be seen as a break in your everyday life.

Beginners can easily participate in yin yoga.

Gentle Yoga

A Gentle Yoga class offers quiet and nourishing yoga with really good time to be present, listen inward and self-pampering. A class that focuses on the small sensations in the body.

There can be easier muscle strengthening positions, but it is not the primary focus in this class. Gentle Yoga is good when you feel that you need a break from your everyday life or when you want to pamper yourself. For those of you who are not into sweaty yoga classes, Gentle Yoga is the perfect choice.

We focus on small movements, sometimes in short series and sequences, other times position for position. There will also be more focus on breathing, and meditation exercises in this type of classes.

If you are a beginner this class is a good start.

Yoga du Jour

When you come to Yoga du Jour, you are always sure of a class where the pace is slow, the positions are explained and there is room to do yoga, even if you have injuries.

Yoga du Jour mixes elements from hatha yoga, gentle yoga and yin yoga. This means that there can be strengthening positions and sequences, gentle and calming elements, and focus on agility and movement. The program will often be different depending on the day.

If you are new to yoga, senior yogi or have had injuries that make you not ready to attend a hatha class, the Yoga du Jour is the class for you, but everyone is welcome.

NOTE: If you are unsure whether you can participate or not, you can contact Nadia at

Yoga and meditation

The primary focus of the class is meditation - in a simple and accessible way, so everyone can participate.
The class starts with a gentle yoga practice, because it is the foundation for good meditation practice.

After that, the focus moves to the breathing. Breathing connects body and mind. From the breath you are guided into the actual meditation.
You will be introduced to various simple but effective concentration and meditation exercises that we will practice together.

There will also be a bit of theory / philosophy that helps you understand the meaning of the exercises. And finally, you will have the opportunity to ask questions - unlike the physical yoga exercises, meditation takes place mentally, and it can be a challenge to know if you do it "right" if you do not talk about your experiences in class.

Beginners as well as experienced are welcome.

Yin Yang Mix

Experience Yin and Yang in the same class, for a balanced practice

Yin Yang Mix is ​​a yoga class where you both meet elements of Yin Yoga and from the traditionally more Yang classes like Hatha Flow and Vinyasa.

It will be different how Yin and Yang are guided in the classes, but when we mix the two, it is because a kind of balance must arise between the physically active and the passive.

Yin Yang Mix classes that are early in the day will often begin with the yin positions, to awaken the body and then move to the more active and warming hatha positions and sequences. After Savasana you are ready for the day.

If you are going to Yin Yang Mix later during the day, you will find that we are actively starting with sun salutations and standing positions and then gearing down to the yin positions afterwards. After Savasana, you willl be at pace ready to move quietly and consciously through the evening until you go to bed.

There are also other ways to mix Yin and Yang, but the above are often the ones you will meet in Yoga Collective.

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow in Yoga Collective is a dynamic and invigorating yoga class that at the same time gives you room to experience inner sensations.

We create small flows and play with the movements in the yoga positions.
There is plenty of time to feel your breathing and how the various asanas (exercises) balance physically and mentally.
Hatha flow is usually a little slower (and not quite as hard as vinyasa). There is a focus on building a good foundation for your yoga practice.

In Yoga Collective, Hatha Flow is a slightly more gentle form of dynamic yoga.

Beginners may well participate.
If you have any injuries or challenges, please contact us at

Vinyasa yoga

A Vinyasa Yoga class is sweaty, fun and challenging, and links the breath with movement in small sequences. Vinyasa Yoga classes strengthens your muscles, increase balance and create a cleansing inner heat. It give you energy and bring smiles.

Vinyasa is Sanskrit and refers precisely to the fact that moving the body in breathing rhythm.

We put your safety high and therefore recommend that you do not go to a vinyasa class before you have been to a hatha flow class or two. If you have injuries you should talk to your doctor before taking a vinyasa class and always inform the instructor (the same if you are pregnant).